The Only Place for Trustworthy Second-Hand Sales

With TruckMarket, second-hand haulage and truck sales, resale and part exchange are now more practical and more efficient than ever. Ford Trucks established TruckMarket to meet all your second-hand vehicle needs. With its experienced, transparent approach, flexibility, and promise of top-quality service, TruckMarket is here to serve you. TruckMarket has all the know-how and experience to meet your needs and expectations. 

Just some of the benefits offered by TruckMarket: 
• The Best Terms for All Brands of Second-Hand Vehicles 
• TruckMarket Expertise 
• TruckMarket Guarantee 
• TruckMarket Financing 
• TruckMarket Additional Offers on Selected Vehicles 
• Notarised Sales, Transfer and Licence Transactions 
• Traffic and Motor Insurance Transactions 

Visit your nearest TruckMarket for more information. 

For information on TruckMarket: +90 216 556 47 07


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